Compassion & Choices Arizona

What We Do

What we seek to do is accommodate the physical, emotional, practical, and spiritual needs of people at the end of their lives. This listing provides some detail about "how" we do this.

Our three primary tools are: advocacy, education, and legislation.


  • We advocate always and everywhere for the right to control one's own destiny: choice, dignity, and self-determination.
  • We advocate that people at the end of life get the best in symptom management and hospice care.
  • We promote the use of advance directives and help people obtain and implement them.
  • We support the establishment of POLST in Arizona.
  • We build strategic alliances with other organizations seeking to champion civil liberties for end of life care and choice.
  • We seek to raise the public's expectations and doctors' standards for care at the end of life.


  • Members receive an excellent quarterly magazine from our national organization, Compassion & Choices.
  • We offer support and counsel to anyone who contacts us, both members and non-members. We respond to everyone who calls by providing information, support, and referral as needed.
  • We support suicide prevention and refer people to suicide prevention agencies as appropriate.
  • We network with other Right to Die organizations.
  • We maintain a user friendly and informative website.
  • Each of our local chapters/community groups works to change attitudes and practices about end of life choices.
  • Local chapters/community groups in Arizona hold public meetings on a multitude of topics related to end of life choices.


  • Our members were instrumental in having Arizona become the second state to pass legislation establishing an online registry for advance directives, free to the public.
  • We have worked with legislators to introduce legislation here in Arizona to allow physician aid in dying and/or controlling end of life pain and suffering.
  • We spearheaded successful legislation to have the State of Arizona proclaim November 6-13, 2005 as "Health Care Decisions Week" to promote the use of advance directives.