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References on Palliative Care

Palliative care and physicians

1. There is a reluctance to discuss diagnosis and prognosis.

2. There is an avoidance of discussing dying which is an impediment to care and resolution.

3. Physicians are not always honest with survival estimates for cancer patients and with disclosing risks of end-stage cancer treatment.

4. Hospice referrals are often occurring late.

Palliative care and patients

1. Fear of pain and inadequate symptom management can be reduced through communication and clear decision making with their physician.

2. The majority want as much information as possible regarding their diagnosis and prognosis, even if it is terminal. They want to know the truth.

3. Patients should be provided best available advice.

4. Patients receiving honest information about their condition as death approaches and having time to prepare for life's end are key aspects of quality end-of-life care.