Compassion & Choices Arizona

End of Life Counseling

Our End-of-Life Counseling (EOLC) program provides free, confidential, professional support through the national organization.

Death and dying can be difficult subjects, but not for us. We are very comfortable having the conversation. Talk to a counselor at 800-247-7421.

Our 800 number connects you with a confidential voicemail system, and we check messages at least twice daily. A trained professional counselor will then call back to answer all your questions, find out more about you and allow you to talk openly.

We’ll listen to your unique situation and answer your questions whether you want to improve the quality of life you have left, achieve a peaceful death or simply plan ahead.

We help with advance directives, local referrals, information and support on end-of-life care and decision making.

Contact us at 800-247-7421.